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First Edition 


Our goal with this annual fair is to bridge the large diversity margin in the children's book publishing field and to aid in the reading deficiency in Ghana.

With a strong Educational Programme of virtual events and sessions for school children, teens and the public, the ALL AFRiCAN Book Fair organised by Grace Dorcas Annan and Gracie Grace Reads is looking to provide an ideal forum for educators and educational publishers to come together, share ideas and do business.


Publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, literary agents, authors, translators, mobile developers, licensors and licensees, packagers, printers, distributors, audiobook professionals, booksellers, brands, librarians and teachers are invited to the event to experience the world of modern Ghanaian books and multimedia products, bringing the best of illustrations and new trends in publishing for children and young people to its fond community of professionals.

aabf 2022

Introduce -  Sankofa. Incite - Hwehwemudua. Ignite -  Nteasee are the keywords chosen for this year's fair.

Meaning & Significance -

Sankofa means “Go back and get it.” As the Akan proverb goes, “Se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenkyiri.” To wit, it is not taboo to go back and get something after you have forgotten it. More literally, it means if you forget and you go back to get it, there is nothing wrong with it.

Hwehwemudua means “rod of investigation,” that is, a measuring rod. It is a symbol of excellence, superior quality, perfection, knowledge, and critical examination.

Nteasee is the Akan word for “understanding.” It is a symbol of understanding and cooperation.


Message from Organizer

When I was growing up I wanted to be a detective, a carpenter, a globe trotter, own a castle and be an amazing wife. 

That is to tell you just how free of what I thought was possible, all because of books. 


The more hours of TV the African child watches, the fewer options they think to have in life. The contents are definitely one-sided. 

Creating AABF, which is primarily for African creatives is my quantifiable action to take after a lot of individual conversations about book inclusion, deficiency and lack of effort in our region.

We as Africans have a lot of stories to share and read amongst ourselves.

~ Grace Dorcas Annan


Author & Publisher

of Oops! You Littered!, 21 Amazing Bible Affirmations, “Thick, Tall, Trees and Hey, Let's Make a Change! 


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