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Thank you for your interest in All African Book Fair 2023. Please complete the below form, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Whether you bring your own Custom-built Stand, want to book a System Stand or book a Workstation, use this form to register. Specify the size/quantity and position you envisage for your stand or Workstation. You can also use this form to register co-exhibitors and to order additional furniture and stand equipment.



Complete the below form for The All African Book Fair on 23 - 25 August 2024.

Thanks for registering for AABF 24.

Terms & Conditions of Participation

1. Duration
1.1 All African Book Fair 2024 will occur between Friday, 23 August, and Sunday, 25 August 2024 at the National Children's Library. The official opening is on 24th August 2024 at 8.00 am. The opening hours are from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm daily.  Exhibitors are admitted to the exhibition site from 6.00 am and can remain in the halls until 7.00 pm.

1.2 The Organiser may postpone the fair for good cause, change its duration and opening times, exclude the general public, cancel the fair entirely or close it earlier than scheduled.


2. Exhibitors
2.1 All exhibitors at AABF are involved in creating, preparing and distributing content via online platforms.

2.2 It is not permitted to exhibit any works which have been banned from production, distribution or import by a court of law in Ghana, or similarly in a court of law abroad, provided this judgement has been declared enforceable in a court of law in the Federal Republic of Ghana.

2.3 Publications officially indexed as liable to corrupt the young must not be accessible to juveniles.


3.0 Contracts and stand allocation
3.1 With the timely submission by the Exhibitor of the Organiser’s registration form, completed in full, signed and delivered to the Organiser no later than May 10 2024, the Exhibitor makes a binding commitment to the Organiser of their intention to participate in the event. 

3.2 Provisional or unofficially submitted applications or mere reservation requests are invalid and will not be processed until a formal registration using the Organiser’s official form is presented by the stated deadline.

3.3 After registration, the Organiser is entitled to deny admission for objectively justified reasons or base the decision on other conditions such as complying with issued requirements or the payment of a security deposit. This applies in particular to exhibitors who have failed to pay on time or have already infringed on the Terms & Conditions of Participation, safety-related regulations, or regulations regarding domestic law or statutory provisions at other trade fairs. The Organiser shall not be obliged to give reasons for non-admission to the event.

4.0 The allocation of the exhibition space by the Organiser cannot proceed until the registration deadline has expired and all applications have been assessed. The allocation of exhibition space depends on the available spaces, surfaces, Exhibitor needs, and Organiser possibilities as well as according to thematic classifications, which the Organisers make at their discretion. It does not depend on the order in which the registrations are received. In individual cases, the Organiser is permitted to reallocate the exhibition space for objectively justified (in particular, for safety-related) reasons, even during the event. If such a reallocation/ place assignment occurs for reasons for which the Exhibitor is responsible, the exhibitor shall bear the costs incurred by the Organiser. Any other claims for damages on either side are ruled out.

5.0 Co-exhibitors, facilitators
5.1 Without prior approval of the Organiser, Exhibitors are not permitted to move, swap, divide, or make the exhibition space available to third parties for commercial use.


5.2 Affiliates, subsidiaries or other associated companies which have an independent name will be considered co-exhibitors.


5.3 If the Organiser discovers only during the stand set-up or during the event that several companies are exhibiting at a stand, without these having been registered and approved as co-exhibitors or joint exhibitors, the Organiser has the right to, with immediate effect, prohibit the co-exhibitors who have not registered from exhibiting or demand a surcharge of 25 per cent on the co-exhibitor fee from the registered exhibitor. Payment of the surcharge and the co-exhibitor fee shall be due immediately and may also be requested on-site during the event. If the registered Exhibitor refuses to pay the surcharge or the co-exhibitor fee, the respective party may exclude them from participating in subsequent events.

6.0 Rental fees, additional expenses
6.1 For rental fees, please see the relevant “Price list”, which is an integral part of the stand rental contract. The fees named in the order confirmation are binding. The rental fee for empty exhibition space (for placement of a Custom-built Stand) includes: stand floor space as registered and the applicable number of free exhibitor passes according to the stand size. When stand material provided by the Organiser is used, the rental fee includes: stand floor space as registered, stand material,  stand nameplate and the applicable number of free exhibitor passes according to the stand size. 


6.2 Every Exhibitor with their stand area is required to pay an environment and energy surcharge for stand size. This surcharge includes electricity connection up to 1 kW, electricity consumption, basic cleaning and waste disposal during the exhibition days.


7.0 Withdrawal, cancellation
7.1 Cancellation of the registration is possible if submitted in written form before the official registration deadline (30 May 2024). To compensate for administrative expenses, a processing fee totalling 20% of the stand rental fee (for package offers, 20% of the flat rate) will be due. To be considered valid, the Organiser must have received the written explanation of cancellation at the latest by the above-mentioned deadline.​


7.2 If the Exhibitor cancels or withdraws from the contract, whether they have the right to do so or otherwise communicates that they will not occupy the rented exhibition space, the Organiser is entitled to find another use for the entire rented space. If they no longer have the right to cancel or withdraw from the contract, the Exhibitor will still be obligated to pay the rental fee or, respectively, the package price.


7.3 If payment of the invoice is not received on time, the Organiser may reallocate the rented exhibition space,


8.0 Every Exhibitor will be included in the exhibitor catalogue and socials. Including the exhibitor catalogue is obligatory and included in the marketing fee.

Colorful Book Spines




Thanks for submitting!

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